Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lindau, Germany

Lindau (population 25,000) is jam-packed with people. What gives as it's hotter than heck (95 degrees!) plus it's Sunday and town centers are normally empty because grocery stores and retail shops are closed? Well, reaching Lindau's city center requires crossing a bridge as it sits on an island in Lake Constance, the third largest lake in central Europe. Evidently people are flocking here for relief from the searing heat. Three countries border Lake Constance (Germany, Austria and Switzerland).

This is the famous lighthouse at the entrance to Lindau's harbor.
The beautiful decorative building is Lindau's city hall. That strange-looking statue-like figure painted silver is a mime trolling for money from tourists.

This pool complex is the place to be on a blistering hot day like today.

These two pieces of driftwood don't look like much.

But, upon closer inspection one can see momma duck watching over her brood.

Here's my chief buddy hawking his wares.

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  1. At least we are seeing water!!! Great pictures, Paul! I love Italy and France
    the best when you show those pictures!!!