Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Champery, Switzerland

Just to refresh your memory. Several summers ago my bicycle and I got on this kick to visit ski resorts in Europe. Was there any rhyme or reason to this? The idea being if I was fortunate to ever have the opportunity to spend a summer in a ski resort which one would it be? Further explanation on the project and postings of resorts visited can be seen on my website: http://www.corporatetrivia.com/. I visited Champery (population 1,200) in 2002 and I’m back in 2010 to size-up this small ski resort after now having visitied 50 others.

The well preserved main street is very colorful.

Can't beat the mountain backdrop.

This is the ski lift---located right next to train station and a block from main street.

Old and new ski chalets are mixed in.
This water fountain is a good place to fill up my water bottle and evidently also a good place to play with floatable toys.

This is the public pool. A pool with a view.

View from above the village.
Valley view.
Flower display in tiny village cycling down the mountain.

View across Lake Geneva of famous Chillon Castle in Montreux.

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