Saturday, June 11, 2011

Regensburg, Germany

Every May for the past dozen years Heidy and I ditch the land of cows and chocolate (Switzerland) and head for the land of sausage and beer (Germany) to visit Heidy's aunt in Pfrarrkirchen. Journey 100 miles due east of Munich and it will bring you to the delightful farming town of Pfrarrkirchen.

Each year a different route is taken. We were last in Regensburg (population 130,000) back in 2005. In 2006 the city's medieval city center was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. In other words, the United Nations placed Regensburg's old town on its list of historic places. I want to return again and soak up more of this historic city and Heidy has fond memories of great shopping. Having taken so many photos during the last visit I only snapped a few this time.

From the hotel it's a 20 minute stroll along the Danube river to the city center. This photo isn't of the Danube (it's on the other side of the trees on the right) but, of a canal running alongside the Danube. After the Volga river, the Danube (1,700 miles) is Europe's longest river. Long, low-slung barges filled with coal, minerals, commodities and lord knows what else ply the Danube.

Cruise ships on multi-day cruises are very popular with tourists. A few minutes earlier this ship passed me but, I caught up as it stopped to traverse a series of locks.

It's one of the fancier ships cruise ships seen. Note the pool atop the deck.

These ships are long, low and silent.

Built of stone and dating back to 1135, the Steineme Bridge crosses the Danube and deposits visitors to Regensburg's old town. The bridge has historic significance as it opened up Europe to international trading.

Regensburg's cathedral is massive.

This two-week festival on the riverfront is similar to county fairs in the USA. Wasn't able to find any unusual culinary delights like we have in the USA. You know what I mean, deep-fried Twinkies or watermelon slices soaked in chocolate.

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