Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hellenstein Castle, Germany

My destination is Wurzburg, Germany but, the map says there's a castle in Heidenheim an der Brenz (population 48,000) so you know what that means. Hellenstein Castle has been lording over the town since the 12th century

This shot uses my zoom lens for a closer look. It stands 230 feet above the town.
As with many castles visited, sometimes the toughest part isn't the cycling up but, finding the road or trail that leads to the place. This is the entrance side.
 Town view from the castle walls.
This is a pedestrian route from the town. Too many steps to lug my bike up this way.
 Courtyard of castle grounds.
Leaving Heidenheim an der Brenz I pass through Ellwangen (population 25,000). It's a delightful town. What earns it the word "delightful" from me? Two different butcher shops served a fantastic pork sandwich. As mentioned in previous posts, German butcher shops know how to roast pork: crispy on the outside and juicy, tender inside (thanks to making sure it has lots of fat on it). The roast is sliced, placed on a roll and  mustard is drizzled over the meat. Mmmmm. Plus, two lip-smacking pastries from two different pastry shops. So, how come I don't show you pictures of the yummy treats? Well duh, I don't know the food is yummy until after I've eaten it or most of it and then, the photo-op is gone. Anyway, heading out of town I spot Ellwangen Castle perched up on a hill. Unfortunately they don't post signs telling you which road leads up to the place so, I waste half-an-hour cycling up dead-end streets.
I'm getting closer but, it's still the wrong side of the castle so, I have to cycle back down and find another route.
Finally, I find the entrance.

Make it into the courtyard of Ellwangen Castle only to find it doesn't open until 2PM. It's now 11AM--so it's a no-go for a tour.

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