Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cite du Train (Train City) Mulhouse, France

Cycling to the outskirts of Mulhouse (population 110,000) brings me to Cite du Train, the largest railway museum in the world. Cite du Train (Train City in English) is the successor to the French National Railway Museum. 
 The entrance to the museum.
 Jeez, steel behemoths are everywhere.
 This massive train has a snow blower on the front.
 This steam-powered train from 1844 is one of the oldest.
 Steam-powered train from 1852
 This blue carriage from the 1800's carried first class passengers in opulent style.
You have first class, second class and in the 1800's--this was third class accommodations.

Evidently you can book private dinners in the museum as this elaborate set-up between train platforms shows.

The upper deck of this carriage is for third class passengers.
This is one of my favorites. In the 1930's Bugatti branched out from manufacturing automobiles to building railcars. In the next photo you can see the engine was mounted in the middle of the car.
Look above the open door where the engine is located and you can see a glass bubble---where the engineer sat.
Car maker Renault also go into the train business. This one from 1933.
This former workhorse is parked outside.

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  1. Never realize that there were these type of trains. I only thought of the old steam engines some of these are awesome looking imaging them on the tracks and running as I'm typing this......a train is traveling through benson now!!