Monday, September 9, 2013

Dole, France

I've been to Dijon, France (population 150,000) on multiple occasions
and regulars have received dispatches from those visits. And no, the buildings are not all mustard colored. This trip finds me in Dole (population 25,000), located about 25 miles south of Dijon.  What's Dole's claim to fame?  It's the birthplace of Louis Pasteur. This French chemist (1822-1895) doesn't receive enough credit for improving our quality of life. He's the man best known for inventing the technique of treating milk and wine to stop bacterial contamination, a process now called pasteurization. Did you know Louis (I wonder if his buddies called him Louie?) is also responsible for the first vaccines for rabies and anthrax? His medical discoveries were numerous but, he also made significant discoveries in chemistry. Pasteur's motivations for curing infectious diseases might have something to do with three of his five children dying of typhoid.   
It isn't hard to find where Pasteur was born as there are numerous sign's around Dole pointing you in the right direction---like this brown arrow sign. 
This is the front of the house where Pasteur spent the first five years of his life.
The house was located in the tannery section of town--the poor part of Dole. A tannery is where they make leather out of animal hides. One can only imagine the stench, poor sanitation and hygiene--ideal breeding grounds for germs.
The plaque next to the entrance. The house is now a museum to Dole's most famous person. It's 8:30 in the morning and the museum doesn't open until 10 AM. Not enough to do in Dole until 10AM so, I'm off.
The rear of Pasteur's birthplace overlooks a canal flowing through town and emptying into the nearby Doubs River. That weird metal contraption in the water looking like a spider is a piece of art.
Matter of fact, this canal area is quite beautiful.
Patio area of restaurant on the canal.
The ducks have set-up home here.
One last look at the canal.
Passing through the town of Seurre, population 2,500, visitors are greeted by this gigantic bike. I don't see any brakes on it so I guess it's "ride at your own risk".
Beaune, population 22,000, is the epicenter of wine in the Burgundy area of France. This is the main church.
Do not like Beaune. Why? The city center streets are lined with cobblestones.
Trying to cycle around is a disaster as the bike and I shake, shudder and bounce over the unfriendly streets.

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