Friday, October 17, 2014

Historic trains in Geneva 2014

It's a late Sunday morning and I'm bicycling around an industrial area near Geneva airport and come across a poster taped to a light pole. It's announcing an exhibit of historic locomotives this weekend. Figuring it would have to be somewhere with train tracks I cycle around and finally find the place. It's a festive atmosphere with the yummy smell of sausages being barbecued.

What's the story? This railroad siding hadn't been used in years and was recently repaired and reopened so, ABB (a large industrial Swiss company with a warehouse facility to the right of the green train) and several other businesses in the area put this exhibit together as a sort of grand re-opening party.
 I count 12 locomotives with about half French and half Swiss.

I wouldn't be surprised if the French trains were from the huge train museum in Mulhouse, France I visited several years ago.

So, what was really cool about this exhibit was the fact visitors could climb into the train cabs and engine rooms---something that has ALWAYS been forbidden at all the train museums I've ever visited.

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