Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Les Diablerets, Switzerland (ski resort)

Summers in Switzerland can be toasty. It has been a hot August with temperatures in the 90's the past several weeks. Heading up to the mountains is a popular way to beat the heat. I live in Lausanne and for a quick getaway quite a few locals head to Les Diablerets. Why? By car or train it takes about and one and a half hours. My bike and I have cycled up the mountain several times but now, we hop on the train. Les Diablerets isn't much more than a village but, that's its charm.  Many of the chalets have been around for hundreds of years. Don't believe me? Check out the photos.
 Not a very big home.
So, how does one know when these chalets were built? The front facades are protected (meaning they can't be torn down or changed). Under the roof in big writing many homeowners have stamped the date when the chalet was built. This one says 1791.
This one is easier to read: 1754. You do know you can click on the picture and it will enlarge on your computer?
 There's a date of 1885 on this one.
 The oldest stamped house I found was this one with the date 1664.
 Of course it's not only old chalets. This is a recent build.
 This one has the date 1755.
 Of course, mountain views can be seen wherever you look.
 Gotta have flowers outside the windows.
 This is the main street in the village center.
 This hotel dates back to 1891.
 View looking over the village center.
 It's a fantastic 15 mile bike ride down the mountain to the valley floor below.
Getting near the valley floor vineyards line the switchback road.

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