Sunday, July 17, 2011

Karlsruhe and Tubingen, Germany

I can't get all of Karlsruhe Palace in the picture frame because I can't back up any farther. The formal gardens are directly behind me but are fenced off due to the gardens being dug up and rebuilt. Built in 1715 this is now a museum.

A large public park occupies the grounds in the back of the palace.

The formal gardens extend as far as the construction crane you see in this photo. Built in 1715, they wait until 2011 when I show up to redo them.

Hundreds of people are hanging out in the park.

Karlsruhe is a good-sized city with 300,000 inhabitants. This is the city hall building. On the right side you see the German flag flying and on the left side the American flag. Couldn't find anyone to explain why the American flag was flying.

The town of Horb lies along the Neckar river.

Tubingen, population 85,000, is a real jewel. It's hilly, the Neckar river meanders through and, it's a vibrant university town with 22,000 students. This is the 15th century town hall.

A German magazine rated Tubingen as having the best quality of life of all German cities.

It's a lot of fun traversing the narrow streets of the old town area with flowers everywhere.

Hohentubingen castle sits atop the hill in the old town. A woman gave me directions on how to cycle up. Well, the woman didn't correctly give directions. I ended up here at this dead end moat. I had to carry my loaded down bike up and down a series of steep stairways and through a long narrow covered passage way. I'm not whining--ok yes I am.

This is the view from the castle grounds.

Sigmaringen castle dominates the town of Sigmaringen, population 16,000.

This the the town hall and main square in Sigmaringen.

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