Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bruchsal and Heilbronn, Germany

I'm in Bruchsal, Germany, population 43,000. Nothing much going on now in Bruchsal but, evidently back in the 1700's stuff was happening. Bruchsal Palace was constructed in 1720 as a residence for the Prince-Bishops of Speyer. It still amazes me as to why these big shot church officials needed to live in such splendor--on par with royalty?

This is the backside of Bruchsal Palace. Its formal name is Schloss Bruchsal. "Schloss" is the German word for castle. So in previous blogs where I've shown you palaces--they're actually castles---even though they don't have the usual fortifications or look you normally associate with castles.

A half dozen marble statues grace the grounds.

The buildings are decorated with gold-plated stucco. That's an on-site church in the right side of the photo.

Between these yellow buildings and the castle at the other end are the formal gardens and park.

One of the outer entry gates to Bruchsal Palace.

Town hall building in Heilbronn, population 1220,00.

Heilbronn saved something from its past and added something modern atop it.

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