Monday, July 16, 2012

Lenzburg castle, Lenzburg, Switzerland

With its location atop a hill, Lenzburg castle has been lording over the people of Lenzburg (population 8,500) since the 11th century.

This is part of the castle's courtyard complex 
Another view of courtyard. Through the centuries owners of Lenzburg castle have included kings, counts, dukes---even an emperor.
In 1892 American industrialist Augustus Edward Jessup bought the castle. In disrepair, Lenzburg castle underwent a comprehensive renovation.
More from the castle courtyard.
 Another courtyard view.
In 1911, Lenzburg castle was sold to another American industrialist magnate, James W. Ellsworth. The castle is now owned by the town of Lenzburg and the canton Aargau. The castle's largest room Knight's Hall, is now used for concerts, weddings seminars
Formal gardens past the courtyard area.
View of the town from the castle walls.
This is the main entrance into the castle (via drawbridge).
Walkway outside the castle walls.

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