Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swiss Military Museum

The Swiss Military Museum stands about a half mile from my previous post of Fort Reuenthal. Having these two attractions so close to each other is a real treat. On the left hand side in the photo you can see a silo from a nearby nuclear reactor. The tall building in the right side of the photo houses the museum. That's a corn field on the left side of the road. The Rhine River lies a few hundred yards to the right of the museum.
The building looks to have been part of an old factory complex with a rail siding for trains still in use.  
The museum is spread over multiple levels with 60,000 square feet of exhibition space.
On display are battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers, artillery, transport vehicles, air defense, anti-tank and artillery guns of various calibers. They give an overview of the development of arms and vehicles of the 20th century of the Swiss armed forces as well as foreign armies. The collection includes rarities like a Russian battle tank T 34/85 and German V-1 flying bomb.

This is the insides of an World World II armoured personnel carrier

Collection of miliary bicycles.
Military motorcycles.
Anti-aircraft artillery.
The rapid fire Gatling gun was invented during the American Civil War. This is a vastly updated version.
This is the ammo used in the updated Gatling gun.

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