Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fribourg, Switzerland Part 2

 Fribourg Part 1 was the city center and this is the lower part of Fribourg.
 Note Fribourg's cathedral tower on the left.
It's a very steep walk down and this funicular has been transporting people to the city center for more than a 100 years.
 View of a funicular car coming down.
 Another fountain.
 And another fountain.
Alpine horn blowers are serenading people in the lower part of town.
 You can see more ramparts.
 Hey, there's my chef buddy waving at me.
 Beautiful covered bridge.
 Same covered bridge.
 This fountain features a soldier.
 Note the very steep cliffs behind the buildings.
I was cycling by and heard all this noise. Turns out it's a swimming pool and locals are playing kayak polo.
 Never seen this in southern California.
Only a few blocks from the swimmers and behind a freshly mowed field of corn I come upon Maigrauge Abbey. Dating from 1255, it is still in use and formerly contained a hospital.
This is the rock road/trail from the abbey up to a monastery. I nix trying to cycle up and resort to pushing the bike.
Leaving the lower part of Fribourg you can see the pool and school grounds in the distance.
Back in Fribourg's city center, it is now 1 p.m. and this is heading to the main street festival area.
Eight thirty in the morning and I was at this patisserie. Why am I back again at 1:30?
See up in the top of the photo a pie that looks to be pumpkin or sweet potato pie? Well, that's a wine tart. Come autumn, wine tarts are common offerings. What's funny is that the majority of pastry shops don't use wine in the recipe but, usually peach, apricot or apple syrup. To the right of the wine tart is a pistachio/cherry tart. Why is there a slice missing from each? That's due to my early morning visit. Boy were they good!!!!!
 All these choices and what do I choose?
Two more slices of absolutely fantastic wine tarts!!!

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