Monday, August 24, 2015

Ghent, Belgium

Rats!  I arrive in Ghent, population 250,000, only to find the city center awash in workers setting up bandstands everywhere. This upcoming weekend herald's the arrival of a huge jazz festival. Of course, the stages are being erected if front of the town's most photogenic structures. Still, Ghent is a feast for the eyes.
The belfry of Ghent was completed in 1380. With a height of 298 feet this bell tower holds bragging rights to being the tallest in Belgium.
 Band stages being setup along a canal.
 Massive medieval churches are everywhere.
 A block away yet another church.
 Smack in the middle of town stands Gravensteen castle. Surrounded partly by a moat.
 Castle entrance. Gravensteen dates back to 1380.
 Way in the back (behind the truck) you can see Gravensteen castle.
 Canal view.
 Restaurant overlooking canal.
 Large statue in front of church.
 Colorful small square.
Street view.

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