Sunday, August 23, 2015

Antwerp, Belgium

It's a rainy time in Antwerp (population 510,000) but it's manageable with on/off periods of rain. Partially rebuilt in the 1800's, Castle Steen stands guard on the Scheldt river.
 Steen literally means: "The Stone".
 Antwerp's city hall dates back to 1565.
 Closer look at the statue.
Antwerp's city hall may take center stage in the main square but, all these other buildings in the square also date back to the 16th century and are a real delight.
 The Cathedral of Our Lady is the tallest structure in Antwerp.
 So many cool buildings to see in Antwerp. This one stands on the main pedestrian shopping street.
 Concert hall.
 Like the brownstone.
 Backside of brownstone church.
 Side view of Antwerp's central train station.
 Built in 1905, front view of central train station.
 New museum on riverfront.
 In many European countries prostitution is legal. Many cities have a red light district.
By accident (really and truly) I was walking through this area in late afternoon and noticed the lack of people except for a smattering of men. I started seeing all these storefronts with red neon lights and barely dressed women sitting on stools in the windows waving at me.
Don't have close-ups as it felt weird taking out my camera and snapping pictures.

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