Friday, July 15, 2016

Bremen, Germany

This is Bremen's market square.  I didn't include the magnificent medieval city hall as it's currently undergoing renovations and covered in scaffolding.  
Bremen, population 548,000, has been under the protection of warrior Roland for a long time. How long? Standing 17 feet tall this statue of Roland dates back to 1404. To the right you can see scaffolding on city hall.
 This fine fellow looks relaxed.
 Park in center of town.
 One of many beautiful buildings in the old town area.
This riverfront complex is home to Brauerei Beck & Co., maker of Beck's beer. Now owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev, they also brew St. Pauli Girl beer here, the #2 selling German beer in the USA.
Bremen is a major port on the Weser River about 35 miles from the North Sea. This is part of the locks.
 View of river flowing through Bremen.
 Market day in Bremen.
I have a love/hate relationship with market days. On the one hand I can you usually find a regional dish to try but, the downside being the people and tents block out buildings as the market place is usually the most picturesque square in town.
 So, this food stand looks inviting.
Bremer knipp is a local dish. What is knipp?  It's made from mixing grains (oats), pork head, pork belly, pork rind, liver, broth and various spices. I'm game to give it a try, after all I've been visiting quite a few port cities where fish is the local speciality.
It's 10:30 on a chilly overcast morning and this is my plate. Absolutely delicious! It gets the two thumbs-up from this meat and potatoes guy.
Oldenburg, population 159,000, lies 30 miles from Bremen. This is Schloss Oldenburg or Oldenburg palace.
 Built in 1607 and located in the city center, the palace now houses a museum.
Outside of Oldenburg I cycle past this farm where the farmer used bales of hay to build a hot rod. Don't know why or what the number 30 means or what kind of fuel powers the beast.

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