Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rostock, Germany

Rostock, a port city of 203,000, lies along the Warnow river--seven miles from the Baltic Sea. Before East Germany and West Germany unified in 1990, Rostock was part of the Soviet Union sphere. This city gate dates back to the 16th century.
 Market day is winding down in one of the main squares.
 Shopping street with another 16th century city gate in the rear.
Here's my buddy again, I seem to see this same guy all over Europe. The menu on the right is in English. Notice pork knuckles on the menu--one of my favorite dishes! Pork knuckle is the leg of a pig between the knee and the foot. The meat is roasted--crispy skin on the outside and tender meat in the middle, served along with potatoes and of course, a beer.
 City hall in all its pink brick Gothic/ Baroque splendor.
 Brick structures like this are standard fare here.
 Parts of medieval fortifications still surround the city center.
Another gorgeous brick building.

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