Sunday, August 5, 2018

Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

I find Leeuwarden, population 125,000, tucked away in the northwest corner of the Netherlands. Picturesque canals pass through the city center.

 Stopped by this bakery to snag several more of my favorite Dutch sweet.

Only in the Netherlands can I find these scrumptious banana cream eclairs. Think of an eclair but, with a twist. The filling is a combination banana cream, whipped cream and, several actual slices of banana on the bottom. The yellow topping tastes like: you guessed it-- bananas. I've been averaging five of these a day because as we all know bananas are healthy.
 The bakery must have known I was coming as a sign right across from it had my name on it.
This is The Waag, a public weighing house dating back to 1590. Located in a large square where farmers market were and still are held. It was compulsory for market traders to weigh their goods here before selling them.
So, you've got the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy (183 feet tall). The Leaning Tower of St. Moritz, Switzerland (108 feet tall). And, here we have the Leaning Tower Oldehove of Leeuwarden (128 feet tall). Built in 1532, the tower started to lean almost immediately. The attached church was demolished but, the tower has hung around.
 Summertime and the canals are filled with pleasure craft.
So many bridges. Who pays for having someone raise and lower the bridges? Here you see the bridge master with a fishing pole snagging payment from a passing pleasure craft.

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