Monday, August 27, 2018

Murten, Switzerland

I've mentioned this before-----Switzerland has four official languages: French (spoken in the southern part of the country), German (in the northern part), Italian (in the eastern part) and Romansh (spoken by about 35,000 Swiss in a mountain area). Parts of Switzerland straddle between two regions and so some cities and towns are officially bilingual. The medieval town of Murten (German) or Morat in French with a population of 8,000 is one of those. Situated on a hill overlooking Lake Murten/Morat this walled-in medieval gem is a magnet for tour buses. One of the city gates.
Castle in town center.
 Town hall.
 This solid-looking built hotel looks like it could easily withstand an earthquake.
Filled my water bottle up with ice cold water at this water fountain but, there's nary a plaque telling the identity of the soldier guarding it.
 Had trouble filling my water bottle at this fountain with the two spouts being hidden by flowers.
The whole town is still ringed by medieval ramparts. This is an interior view showing where soldiers would walk along the wall.
 View of wall from the outside.
 Another view of medieval walls.
 From the town center I spot a slew of cars parked near the lakefront.  Being curious I go investigate.
 Wow, there's a gathering of vintage Volkswagen Beetles and VW camper vans from around Europe.
 This one looks cozy.
 Note the California license plate on this one.
 This VW ice cream van came from Belgium.
 Must be fun motoring up to a ski resort in this.
 This isn't a Volkswagen vehicle but, it was giving free rides around the block to families.
 View from the lakefront towards the town up on the hill.

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