Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Amersfoort, Netherlands & Het Loo Palace

Amersfoort, population 155,000, is located in central Netherlands. It's market day and passing through this medieval gate leads to the main square.
 Beginning of shopping street.
Wow, feel's like I'm in the Middle East. I had read stories about the Dutch being upset over the influx  of Muslims.
Never like market days as they usually take place in the photogenic main square with the stalls making it hard to take photos of buildings.
 This medieval church (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwentoren) rises 322 feet.
 Fortification guarding an entry to the city center.
 Kayakers working their way through the canals.
 Tree sculpture outside a museum.
Het Loo Palace lies on the outskirts of Apeldoorn (population 155,000). Dating from the 1600's, it was originally built as a hunting lodge.  The buildings seen in this photo are the horse stables built in 1907 at the orders of Queen Wilhelmina (1880-1962).
The stables could accommodate 88 horses and a section is still in use by the Royal Stable Department in The Hague.
Parts of the stables have been turned into a museum and house various forms of transportation used by the royal family over the centuries. The carriage draped in white is for funerals.
 From the Stables, you follow this road to the palace.
 It's big.
 Closer view.
 Gardens to the rear of the palace.
 Another view of gardens.
Many palaces visited don't allow photographs ("light damages the furnishings") and some, like Het Loo Palace, let you take photos but with no flash--which usually makes the photos come out very dark.
Like the bear rug.

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