Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Delft, Netherlands

 Delft (population 100,000) is a tourist's delight with canals everywhere.  
 See the church at the end of the street? Doesn't something look off about it?
 My eyes weren't playing tricks on me as Old Church, built in 1246, has a pronounced tilt of six feet.
 Oosterpoort, was one of the entry gates into the city and dates from the 1400's.
Canals are everywhere here and right after snapping the photo of Oosterpoort I turn around and see this huge barge cruising past.
 You know I ALWAYS have to check out the sweet shops.
In the middle you see a tray of what looks too be cream puffs with maple topping. Jeez, I had two as the whipped cream filling was unbelievably light.
 City hall building in the main square.
The leaning church is called the Old Church (built 1246). This is New Church (built 1400) and dominates Delft's main square directly facing City hall (talk about separation of church and state). Rising 245 feet, it's the second tallest tower in the Netherlands (if you're like me you want to know the tallest--it's the church tower in Utrecht).
 Of course, I had to climb the church's spiral tower stairs for the view and photo op.
Delft pottery is famous around the world and some street lights are wrapped in it's distinctive blue color.
This is a very common sight in the Netherlands. In the USA it's illegal to transport your child like this.  
 So many picturesque canals.
 Hmmm, not sure what this store sells.
 Garden outside Prinsenhof, a palace in the city center dating back to the 1500's.
 Nice shaded square to have food.
Fun just to wander around and see the old buildings.

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  1. These are the best pictures ever!!!! I am so familiar with Delft. Isn't it in the blue family???
    What a marvelous trip, Paul. Beautiful!!!