Friday, June 8, 2012

Bad Birnbach, Germany

Heidy and I make a yearly trek to Pfarrkirchen, Germany visiting Heidy's aunt. Pfarrkirchen (population 11,000) is primarily a farming community and lies about 90 miles east of Munich. We usually stay for a week in nearby Bad Birmbach, spa town of about 5,000 inhabitants. Over the years I've posted many photos of the area so I'm not going to bore you with more pictures of this absolutely picturesque area of rolling hills and farmland. However, I want to show pictures of the golf course. Built only five years ago on hilly farmland, it features an 18 hole course, a beginners 9-hole course as well as a miniature putting course
There're miles and miles of walking and hiking trails in Bad Birnbach. Matter of fact, walking trails line the perimeter of the golf course with forests marking the boundaries.
In the early morning I get up and do a perimeter walk of the course. I hate having to carry anything when I walk and this includes a camera.
Of course you have all probably seen cuckoo clocks and the noise the bird makes when the clock strikes the hour (cuckoo, cuckoo). You do know cuckoo birds actually exist? I mention this because every morning on my walk I hear at least three cuckoo birds in the woods making the cuckoo noise. Unfortunately I never can spot them as they do the cuckooing in the thick woods.
Besides a half dozen lakes on the course there're quite a few ponds like the one pictured here. So, in addition to the cuckooing from the woods, one also hears incredibly loud noises coming from frogs in  these ponds. Of course I can never see the frogs as they sense when someone is getting close and clam up.  
 So, I have cuckoo birds doing nonstop cuckooing, frogs croaking loudly AND pheasants screeching at the top of their lungs. These colorful pheasants are about the size of a duck and are extremely skittish. They live in the forest or tall grass but come out in the open to feed on the golf course. So of course, the pheasants make an appearance when I'm without my camera and when I do lug the camera around I never see 'em to snap them!
 On one edge of the golf course is a deer farm. It's a family-owned business and they rent out rooms.
This is a sign the deer farm posts on a fence surrounding the property. There's a butcher shop on the property and you can guess what kind of meat is their speciality. I've had deer quite a few times and find it too tough.
 This is the kind of grass the pheasants love to hide in.
Food around here is very good. My favorite lunch spot is the Stadhotel on Pfarrkirchen's main street.
 This is the salad.
My lunch plate along with the obligatory beer.

I have steak (cooked medium) in a pepper sauce along with crispy potato pancakes and thinly sliced onions rings. Unbelievably good! 

 Flower arrangement in downtown Pfarrkirchen.

Tree stumps in someone's front yard with smiles on their faces.
 Ants in someone's front yard on a see-saw
 Miniature Laurel & Hardy socializing in someone's front yard.
 Bees manufacturing honey in someone's front yard.
 Bad Birnbach's Graf Arco brewery (right smack in downtown) has closed down.
Bavaria is very Catholic. Here someone has a mini chapel in the backyard.

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