Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Landshut, Germany

Landshut (population 60,000) lies 40 miles north of Munich. The Isar river flows through the city.
This is the main street through Landshut. Note the church on the left side of the street. It's special. 
What's so special about St. Martin's Church, a Gothic medieval church dating back to 1389? Notice it's made of brick. Matter of fact, at 426 feet tall it's the tallest brick building and church in the world! For you trivia fans, the church is the second tallest brick structure in the world after the Anaconda Smelter Stack in Anaconda, Montana.
Inside the church this plaque--part of it in English--tells visitors the low down. 
With this grandma statue out front, how could you not go inside for a bite?
I'm always seeing street performers doing their thing but, this guy is one of the oldest I've seen doing this.
I love to check out the butcher shops--especially to see the cooked goodies.
On the left is grilled chicken thighs and next to it are hamburgers correct? No. They are cheeseburgers--not hamburgers with cheese but--cheese burgers with no meat---as in veggie burgers--ughhhhh.
Now this is just about my favorite thing to eat in Germany. It's pork. Pork roasts are cooked with loads of fat on top (makes the meat juicy). That my friends is crispy fat atop slices of pork and boy is it good! They get you a roll, slice it in half, squirt a little mustard on the roll and plop a big slice of juicy pork on top. 
This photo was snapped at 10 PM. That's a full moon in the sky.
So, that's St. Martin's church to the left and in the back on the hill stands Trausnitz Castle.
Built in 1204, Trausnitz Castle is quite impressive.
A moat surrounds the castle.
Ramparts still guard the perimeter and this is a section of wall still proctecting the city.
Some of the buildings in the old town area are absolutely beautiful.
It's 7AM, raining and I'm walking into the city center to fetch a pork sandwich for breakfast. The guy on the bike looks familar.
Yep, it's the gold man from the day before. Today he's silver man.

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