Sunday, June 3, 2012

Freising, Germany

Freising (population 45,000) lies 20 miles north of Munich. It's a university town and home to the world's oldest working brewery (of course the brewery is closed when I drop by). This is city hall with a church behind it.
 Fresing's main street.
Of course you always hear about the market squares and farmer's markets in Europe. What you don't hear is about how you aren't allowed to touch the produce. The nasty sign below the melons, in no uncertain terms says "DO NOT TOUCH THE PRODUCE!"
Hey, it doesn't matter if you are outside a Walgreen's store in Boston, an Albertson store in Seattle or a drugstore in Freising-- put the coins in a slot and let the joy ride begin!
 Bear statues all over Fresing's streets. Why? Turns out it's the town's mascot.

This particular bear gets no respect. I wasn't fast enough and caught the dog as his rear leg was coming down after leaving a wet present on the bear's paw.

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