Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's a Circus Out There!

 It sure is nice cycling from Lausanne out to the farmland.
 This bike looks to have been put out to pasture years ago. The date on the license plate reads 1971.
Switzerland has quite a few traveling circuses. Some are the big three ring kind with elephants and lions. Some are the one ring kind---making the rounds of small villages.
 Here families are lining up to buy tickets. Small kids are everywhere.
Holy moly! You hear about Switzerland being expensive but this is something. You bring your child to this circus and the cheapest seat for your child will run you $24! Cheapest seat for a parent will set you back $32. Right now the US dollar is on par to the Swiss franc.
 I went inside the tent and snapped this photo.
 Okay, this is the last of the Spring flower photos.

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