Thursday, August 17, 2017

Harrogate and Leeds, England

Harrogate (population 80,000) is a famous spa town located between York and Leeds. The sick and the wealthy have been coming to Harrogate since the 17th century to drink its waters and, soak in its baths.  The complex above houses the Royal Baths as well as Harrogate's visitor center.
Harrogate has some of the highest property prices in England.  It also repeatedly ranks as "the happiest place to live" in Britain. Well-kept streets are the norm here.
Tourism is big in Harrogate and it's also the third largest conference/exhibition center in England. Lots of hotels in town but quite a few are well past their "use by"date. This is the Majestic Hotel, it must have been something 100 years ago or even 40 years ago. Can't believe how rundown it is. Must be some kind of classic car group getting together--which explains the old Rolls Royces parked out front.
 That's the Crown Hotel on the right--another hotel way past its prime.
 Several beautiful parks dot Harrogate's city center.
Leeds, population 781,000, is the largest legal and financial center in the UK after London. Leeds City Hall was built in 12885.
Victoria Quarter is a three block high-end shopping area with buildings datings from the early 1900's.
 Skylight connecting buildings in Victoria Quarter.
 Built in 1863, the Leeds Corn Exchange Building has been turned into a shopping center.
 Interior of Corn Exchange.
Another inside view of Corn Exchange.

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