Friday, August 11, 2017

Newcastle, England

Newcastle (population 300,000) lies about 280 miles north of London and 50 miles south of the Scottish border. It was a 10 mile bicycle ride from Newcastle's airport to the city center and I adjusted to cycling along the "wrong side" of the road. I'm sure you know in England they drive on the opposite side.
The Tyne River flows through Newcastle and the bridge in the forefront is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. What's unusual about this bridge? It's not the fact it's for pedestrian's and cyclists only but, it can be tilted to allow ships through.
Farther along the river is the red Swing Bridge. Built in 1876 the bridge swings open to allow ships to pass on either side. Back in the 1800's and early 1900's Newcastle was a powerhouse in shipbuilding and in coal mining. In its heyday over 20,000 workers worked on the docks building warships, merchant ships and, coal carrying ships. Fifteen miles upstream the Tyne River empties out to the North Sea.
 I like the black rabbit peering down atop the entrance to this office building.
 A canal splits off from the Tyne River and passes by a former chemical building from the 1900s.
 Spotted this boat contraption docked along the canal in front of former factory building.
 Beautiful downtown Newcastle shopping arcade from a different era.
I'm cycling around an iffy residential area and come upon this sign reading "no fly tipping". What the heck does that mean?
Does this sign help?  A local tells me "fly tipping" means driving past in a car and tossing trash out the window.
I cycle 15 miles from Newcastle along the Tyne River to Tynemouth (population 68,000).  Yep, Tynemouth is located at the mouth of the Tyne River--hence the town's name. Castle ruins.
 Here's the beach at Tynemouth and that's the cold North Sea.
 Another view of the castle ruins.
That's a big cargo ship making its way up the Tyne River. Several large cruise ships were parked nearby.

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