Monday, August 14, 2017

York, England

Wow, York's city center is still enclosed by a medieval wall. Tourists can walk atop the wall all the way around---we're talking two and a half miles.
 Tourism is one of York's (population 210,000) biggest industries.
 Notice the very narrow streets--this street lays claim to being the oldest shopping street in Europe.
Why are the streets so narrow? Butchers displayed carcasses hung on hooks outside their shops and having the street mostly in the shade kept the meat from going bad (or so they say).
York Cathedral is huuuge--it's the second largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. Heck, I can't even get the whole thing in a single photo frame. Inside, there's the largest expanse of medieval stained glass in the world.
 Clifford's Tower is pretty much all that's left of York Castle. Used as a lookout and prison.
 Why this photo of Bakes & Co., a deli/coffee bar? See next photo.
As you know I have a sweet tooth and I'm ALWAYS checking out places for goodies. Well, I hit the jackpot here as their ginger crunch bars are dangerously good! One of the owners said his mom makes the bars and it's a family recipe. I had one, went back and got three more. The next day I returned and bought four more. Click on the photo and it'll enlarge.
 Some of the buildings are just fun to look at the details.
 York is one of the very few cities to still have all their medieval gateways still standing.
I'm cycling a half-dozen miles from York and come across Bishopthorpe Palace. This palace is where the Archbishop of York (second highest office of the Church of England) hangs his hat.
Bishopthorpe is a private residence (meaning: no trespassing) so I snap this photo from the entrance gate.  
 Bishopthorpe Palace backs up to the river--nice digs.
 Cycled past York Racecourse. They've been staging horse races here since 1754.
 After Ascot, York Racecourse is biggest in Great Britain. The stands can seat 60,000 spectators.
Trivia: In 1982 Pope Benedict XVI visited York Racecourse and drew a crowd of 190,000.  Plus, the second day of the 2014 Tour de France started here.

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  1. nice pics Paul. I would proberty never go there, but it looks like it would be a great trip.....