Wednesday, August 16, 2017

National Railway Museum (York, England)

Wow, if you like trains you're in train heaven here as the National Railway Museum houses over 100 locomotives, over 300 items of rolling stock (passenger carriages) and warehouses full of train memorabilia spread over 20 acres.
This monster-size locomotive was built in England but shipped over to China where it was a workhorse for many years.

Passenger carriages used by English royalty are displayed. Though you can't go in the carriages you can peer in the windows--however my photos taken through the windows had too much glare.
 Make no mistake, the furnishings inside the carriages are opulent--fit for a king or queen.

 So much train memorabilia to see. One could spend days here.

There's an elevated walkway going across this room so visitors can watch work being done on locomotives.

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