Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2012 Kennel Club of Palm Springs

With over 3,300 dogs, the Kennel Club of Palm Springs is one of the biggest dog shows in the country. What's funny though is this big whoop-de-doo takes place NOT in Palm Springs but, 25 miles away on the polo playing fields of Indio.

This show became too big for the Palm Springs convention center and moved outdoor to the Empire Polo Club 10 years ago.

I sure can't complain about the weather: the sky is blue with temperatures in the mid-70's. Did I mention it's January and much of the country is experiencing a winter cold wave?

What's not to like? There's no entrance fee for this event and I can wander around the grounds with my bicycle at the side.

This fella gets my vote for best looking face.

So here's what I learned. There are dog shows going on all over the country and if you win--your dog gets points. However, if you win a dog show in let's say Jackson, Mississippi, the points don't count as much as the points garnered in winning a major show such as this one. Why? Winning a show in Jackson when you're competing against maybe five dogs in your breed isn't the same as winning here where you have to beat 40 other similar dogs.

It's a hoot walking around.

The owner is giving me a grooming demonstration.

Walking through the grooming areas and watching the dogs get their final fluffs before showtime is a lot of fun.

You think it's easy lifting these dogs up on the tables?

Poodles being fluffed.

This woman owns four more of these tiny dogs.

The dog on the left is having its coat dipped/sprinkled in some kind of white powder. Why? Hopefully, it will impress the judge. The competition is dog eat dog.

Can you see the brown puppy next to the big dog's leg?

A huge parking lot is filled with row after row of motor homes. Lots of these folks travel around the country with their woofers entering dog shows.

So, what's the lure? It sure isn't the money with winners being awarded only trophies and points. Many told me it was bragging rights. Then again, if your poochie keeps racking up points, awards and has the name "champion" bestowed on him---the price for breeding your dog skyrockets.