Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Geneva, Switzerland (more chocolate & Sex and the City shoes), Part 2


So, I'm almost back in Geneva and come to this roundabout in the suburbs. This sculpture is amazing. Count the number of animals you see.
I walk to the other side of this sculpture and see more animals. 
I'm in downtown Geneva near the financial center and like to fill up my water bottle with the ice cold water coming out of this fountain. See the building behind? That's the head office of Lombard Odier Group, one of the world's largest private banks. 
Lombard Odier Group can trace its roots back to 1796. I visited this place during my 20 plus years traveling around the world visiting corporate headquarters (www.corporatetrivia.com). As with other secretive private Swiss banks visited the exterior is very low key with usually only a discreet plaque announcing the inhabitants. When entering these banks I recall being immediately ushered into a small conference room off to the side of the lobby. Why? Probably because they didn't want me seeing any of their clients walking in lugging a briefcase. Pray tell what was in the briefcases? Maybe moola from a corrupt African government or some Middle East dictator? All five private Swiss banks visited (including Edmond de Rothschild around the corner) in Geneva said they never received my letter of introduction mailed from Lausanne--only 35 miles away yet, other companies visited in Geneva received the letter of introduction. These banks have zero credibility with me. 
So, I'm standing at the fountain filling my water bottle and turn around to see the name Manolo Blahnik on this shoe store. I say to myself, "where have I seen that name?" Whoa, the day before I read an obituary in the New York Times for George Malkemus. Manolo Blahnik and George Malkemus partnered up and ended up creating a global shoe empire. Business soared when actress Sarah Jessica Parker's character in Sex and the City had a thing for their stilettos. Having never watched an episode of the hit series I had no clue about the shoes so, I walk into the store for a look/see. 
Oh my god, some of those heels must be six inches! How do women walk in those? 
Prices? One to two thousand dollars a pair. 
This is a favorite patisserie of mine in Geneva.
See the brown round sweet on the extreme left (you can see one and half)? That's what I bought. Cookie part on the bottom is crispy and top has caramel filling. 
Nothing here looked good after the "cookie". 

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  1. The Blanicks have red soles. That's always how you tell they are. When women happen to cross their legs, and you see the red soles, you know the brand!!!!!